Students at the Language Institute

Spouse Courses

Our four-week spouse courses are designed for spouses of matriculated Georgia Tech students and Georgia Tech visiting scholars.

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(Not all courses are available every session--please check the application form to see the current course offerings.)

Upcoming Session Dates:
Fall 1 2014: August 26 – October 2
Fall 2 2014: October 14 – November 20

Everyday Conversation (Beginning-Low Intermediate)
Learn and practice vocabulary and idiomatic phrases needed to communicate in everyday life.

Reading Club (Beginning-Low Intermediate)
Read short stories or short novels and discuss characters and themes with your classmates.

American Pronunciation (Intermediate-Advanced)
In this course, you will learn what aspects of your pronunciation may be interfering with how well your listeners understand you.  You will learn strategies and techniques that you can use to make your pronunciation more comprehensible to listeners who may not be familiar with international accents.

Improving Oral Skills (Intermediate-Advanced)
In this course, you will actively develop both your abilities and your confidence to accurately and appropriately express yourself in extended or difficult common personal and formal conversations.