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Conversation Partner Program (CPP)

The Friends Beyond Borders Conversation Partner Program (CPP) connects Georgia Tech students with Language Institute students for language and cultural exchange. This program provides a great opportunity to improve your listening and speaking skills in another language with a native speaker and develop cross-cultural friendships. Learn greetings and important phrases from other countries, share your campus life experiences and begin your global journey right here at Georgia Tech

For more information on our Conversation Partner program (CPP), please contact Adria Motiwalla at

Students can join this program by completing an application using the link below:


Check out some of our past events! 

Culture Fest

The Culture Fest and the International Education week are both sponsored by the Office of International Education. These events are opportunities for the Language Institute students to engage the Georgia Tech community and share about their culture and country. Students express their culture by wearing traditional clothes and by sharing conversational basics and idioms from their native language.


Friends Beyond Borders/Language Cafe

Exploring culture through conversations, The Language Cafe creates an environment where people gain deeper cross cultural understanding through multilingual conversations. It provides an opportunity for Georgia Tech grad and undergraduates, faculty, staff and alumni and Language Institute students, to socialize and practice speaking a second language. Please contact Adria Motiwalla for more information.


The One Project

The One Project is a service club made up of students at the Language Institute. Its purpose is to serve both locally and globally and fulfills this purpose through projects as diverse as collecting items to be donated to local homeless people to supporting global efforts to increase water access.


Conversation Partner

For more information on our Conversation Partner program (CPP), please contact Adria Motiwalla at