Communication: Your Key to Success

One of the keys to your success as a graduate student at Georgia Tech is having the ability to communicate confidently in English with your professors and peers in the classroom and in your research. You will be expected to collaborate on projects, write about and present your research, and network with members of the Georgia Tech community. The Georgia Tech Language Institute is here to help you build the communication skills you need for success in your graduate work. Check out our classes and workshops to see how we can help you enhance your communication and increase your confidence.

Option 1: Semester Courses for Credit

Every semester, the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and the Language Institute offer credit courses to help non-native English-speaking graduate students improve their communication skills in English. These courses are a semester-long combination of synchronous instruction and individual one-on-one virtual meetings with the instructor.

Early Summer 2023 (May 15-June 16 2023) 

CETL 8797: Oral Communication for International Graduate Students (TR 9:30am-12:15pm)
This 2-credit class is designed to help graduate students become more accurate and fluent in both verbal and nonverbal English communication. The course is designed for students to work on fluency, accuracy, and appropriateness of spoken communication in order to help them participate more effectively and confidently in personal, academic, and professional situations.

Testimonial: "This course offered relevant and fun class activities in a safe place. The materials were very organized and delivered with enthusiasm which motivated us. This course will help me pursue my goals!"

Late Summer 2023 (June 21-August 3 2023) 

CETL 8723: Academic Writing for International Graduate Students (MW 9:30am-12:15pm)
In this class, students learn the cultural aspects of academic and technical writing, as well as the principles of organizing ideas clearly, completely, and cohesively. In addition, students will analyze common errors in both non-native and native advanced academic writing. Students will practice independent proofreading and editing, and also meet one-on-one with the instructor. Students will write biographies, perfect their resumes, learn American-style email correspondence, and have the option to write acknowledgments, teaching and research statements, and journal paper reviews.

Testimonial: "The course was really well tailored to what the students needed. Many opportunities to ask questions. There was a good balance of time investing writing strategies and applying take-aways."


How to Register for Semester Courses for Credit

Students can register for these classes like they do all other credit courses on the GT OSCAR website and search by semester and then by subject code CTL (Center for Teaching and Learning).

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Option 2: Short Courses

Four-week remotely-delivered short courses to help you polish your language skills and gain confidence in your English communication abilities.

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