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What is iStart?

iStart is a comprehensive data system. It is the portal for students at the Georgia Tech Language Institute to submit requests and view any correspondence from LI to their GT e-mail. Requests for Letters, Transfer Out (F-1 Only), and Travel Authorization (F-1 & F-2 Only), are processed based on e-form requests available in iStart.


How do I access iStart?

To access iStart, go to Click the yellow GT LOGIN button and use your Georgia Tech username and password to log in. This is the same username and password you use to log into your Georgia Tech e-mail account and Buzzport. If you do not have the Georgia Tech username or password for iStart, Buzzport, and your Georgia Tech e-mail address you will need to contact the Office of Information Technology to get your username or reset your password.


What e-forms are available?

List of E-forms in iStart

• Document Upload and Waiver Forms (New Students ONLY)
• Certificate Request
• Letter Request
• Reduced Course Load Request
• Student Complaint
• Transcript Request
• Transfer Out Request (F-1 ONLY)
• Travel Authorization Request (F-1 & F-2 ONLY)

Download Instructions on Submitting E-forms for further directions on how to complete and submit an e-form.

Once submitted, each e-form will be processed in 2-3 business days.


What if I need help?

I can't login to iStart

Your login for is the same as your GT username/password combination (used for Buzzport,, etc). If you do not remember your username/password, you may access and follow the steps to reset your login. Once you have done this you should be able to login to iStart with this username/password combination. If you are still having trouble with your log in, or have other computer access questions, please see Kirk Guger in O'Keefe Room 216 or Harry Robinson in our Biltmore location.

I'm not able to submit an e-form (upload issue)

STEP #1: Make sure the file you are uploading is a PDF file
STEP #2: Make sure the file size of the PDF is under 1 MB
STEP #3: Upload the PDF file using a different browser
STEP #4: Upload the PDF file using a different computer
STEP #5: If you are still having trouble after completing STEPS #1 through #4 please contact one of the Registration Coordinators in Room 108 of the O’Keefe building.