Language Institute - English as a Second Language (ESL) | Georgia Tech Professional Education | Atlanta, GA

Online Resources

Here are several online resources that our tutors and students have found helpful:

Campus Resources:
The GT Library provides a series of graduate workshops on writing and research.
Though designed for Georgia Tech undergraduate students, theUndergraduate Professional Communication Program site contains links to useful writing information.
CETL, the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning, provides a number of graduate workshops and courses on communication and teaching.

Academic and Professional Writing:
Purdue’s Online Writing Lab provides useful information on a variety of topics, including grammar, style, and issues specific to ESL students.
The Writing Center at UNC also provides lots of useful handouts on academic writing.
The Corpus of Contemporary English is a corpus of millions of English words pulled from authentic text, like academic articles and newspapers.  If you are not sure about word collocations, you could search the corpus to see if the combinations appear.
Research and documentation:  Here you will find thorough instruction and links for the process of writing with research and documentation in all academic fields.

Writing an abstract:

Writing a proposal:

Science writing:

These two sites list tips for vocabulary and style in writing for science fields, including engineering. (The Writing Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Grammar and Mechanics
The Guide to Grammar & Writing provides detailed information about English grammar along with examples.