Language Institute - English as a Second Language (ESL) | Georgia Tech Professional Education | Atlanta, GA

Summer Academic Preparation for Incoming International Graduate Students

Four-Week Intensive Program
July 8-August 1, 2019



Who Should Participate

  • International graduate students who are beginning a Master’s or Ph.D program at Georgia Tech
  • Graduate students who are non-native speakers of English and have not studied in a U.S. university
  • International graduate students who would like to polish their communication skills in English in order to be ready for the Fall semester


Program Goals

  • Learn:
    • the basics of academic writing
    • strategies for listening more effectively
    • strategies for reading more effectively
    • tips for giving great presentations
  • Gain a better understanding of academic challenges and factors affecting the performance of international graduate students
  • Get acclimated to the Georgia Tech campus and Atlanta


Program Logistics

  • 18 Hours Intensive Instruction/week
  • Classes Monday – Thursday; no Friday classes



  • Please check back for 2019 costs on Thursday, February 21



On-campus housing is available to you for the duration of the program. Rooms are available in apartment-style dormitories. Please check back on Thursday, February 21 for dates and costs. Housing fees are paid on a per-night basis and include all utilities, HD cable, and high speed Internet with Wi-Fi. Linens are available for $20 per week.

Four residents live in a four bedroom, two bathroom, furnished apartment. Each student has a private bedroom and shares a bathroom with one other student. Four students share the kitchen, dining and living area. Bedrooms are furnished with a bed (with extra-long mattress), desk, desk chair, wardrobe and dresser. The furniture in the common area consists of a couch, with end table, a coffee table, and chair as well as a dining table with four chairs.

Review our summer housing flyer to learn more.

To reserve your room, you must complete an online housing request form (coming soon) and make your payment in full. All housing fees are non-refundable and rooms cannot be subleased. Pay with an international credit/debit card by wire transfer using Flywire. If you need to make your payment another way, please contact for payment options. You must submit your housing request form and submit your payment in full no less than 14 days before the day you move in. Fees will not be adjusted if you arrive late or check out early.

Learn more about living on-campus.

You may learn more about some off-campus housing options available to you by visiting the Housing page.


How to Apply

  1. Submit completed application form, which includes the following steps:
    1. Submit required documents
      • A copy of your non-U.S. passport or U.S. passport or U.S. permanent resident card
      • A copy of dependent non-U.S. passport(s) (only for applicants requiring an F-1 student visa who wish to include their spouse and/or child/children as dependents)
      • A bank document in English and on official bank letterhead proving the account holder has had a minimum closing balance the equivalent of at least (check back on February 21) within the last 3 months. (only for applicants requiring an F-1 student visa)
      • If the bank account is in the name of someone other than you, the account holder must complete and sign a Statement of Financial Sponsorship to verify the required bank document. (only for applicants requiring an F-1 student visa)
      • A copy of your admission letter to a U.S. graduate degree program
  2. Submit payment by international credit/debit card or wire transfer using Flywire. Payment must be made in full within one (1) week of receiving your notice of acceptance into the program.
    1. ‚ÄčApplicants who will study on an F-1 student visa: check back on February 21
    2. All other applicants who will not study on an F-1 student visa: check back on February 21
The 2019 application will be available beginning Thursday, February 21.


IMPORTANT: Applicants who will study on an F-1 student visa will receive an acceptance document and an I-20 for the dates of the program. Applicants must use the I-20 issued by the Georgia Tech Language Institute when applying for an F-1 student visa and entering the U.S. After completion of the Language Institute program, the student's SEVIS record will be transferred to the Office of International Education at your new university.

Space in the program is limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Class Schedule


  Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays

9:00-10:30 AM




Reading & Discussion Seminar:
Intro to Academic Life
in the U.S.

Reading & Discussion Seminar:
Intro to Academic Life
in the U.S.

Intro to Academic

Reading & Discussion
Intro to Academic Life
in the U.S.




No   Classes

10:45 AM - 12:15 PM




Intro to Academic

Intro to Academic

Strategic Listening Skills for
Graduate Students

Strategic Listening Skills for
Graduate Students

12:15-1:15 PM




Lunch Break

1:15-2:45 PM




Presentation Skills for
Graduate Students

Strategic Listening Skills for
Graduate Students

Presentation Skills for
Graduate Students

Presentation Skills for
Graduate Students

Course Descriptions

Strategic Listening Skills

In this course, you will explore the challenges international graduate students may face when listening in academic contexts in the U.S. You will review information, ideas and strategies that will help you to identify and overcome your personal listening challenges. This course will include active application of listening strategies for hands-on practice in simulated one-way (e.g., lecture) and two-way (e.g., discussions, tutorials) academic listening situations.

Presentation Skills

In this course, you will learn the basic expectations regarding how speakers present themselves and their information in formal academic presentations in the U.S. You will learn and practice techniques and strategies for improving oral speaking skills as well as for preparing and presenting successful oral presentations in both face-to-face and online situations. In addition, you will learn and practice strategies and skills for managing interactions with your audience.

Reading & Discussion Seminar: Introduction to Academic Life in the U.S.

In this course, you will develop reading and discussion skills as well as a more in-depth understanding of the challenges that international students face and how they overcome those challenges when adapting to academic life in the U.S. You will review information, ideas, and strategies related to the development and improvement of reading skills. You will also review the cultural elements of discussion behavior in the U.S. and vocabulary used in discussions. You will actively apply what you have learned about reading and discussions as you read and discuss graduate-level research texts on the topic of international students and academic life in the U.S.

Introduction to Academic Writing

In this course, you will develop an understanding of the fundamental principles that provide the foundation for academic research writing in most fields/disciplines. You will develop the ability to notice and decipher how writers demonstrate these basic principles in their academic research writing. You will practice applying these principles in your own writing through brief writing assignments related to the topics you discuss and the texts you read in the Reading and Discussion Seminar: Introduction to Academic Life in the U.S.