Student Services Coordinator

Adria Motiwalla graduated from Georgia State University with a bachelor of science degree in exercise physiology. As a military dependent, she spent her early toddler years in Munich, Germany, lived in 7 different states, and attended high school in Nurnberg, Germany. Her overseas experience gave her an opportunity to travel and a love for different cultures. She managed a jewelry store for 11 years, worked at Delta Airlines, and spent the last 14 years as the director of Friends Among the Nations, which is a friendship program for international students. She got married in 2005 to Shafi Motiwalla, who is from Pakistan and moved into the Georgia Tech neighborhood. Adria loves spending time with international students and learning how to prepare the traditional dishes from their countries. In addition to her duties, Adria and her husband provide a variety of activities for the international students living in their neighborhood.