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Standardized Test Preparation

Available Courses:
ESL: Preparation for GRE Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning

In this course, you will learn strategies to improve your scores on the Quantitative and Verbal sections of the GRE exam. You will improve your ability to analyze relationships among parts of sentences and better understand the structure of a text and how the parts of the text relate to one another. You will also review the basic mathematical concepts tested on the GRE including algebra, geometry and data analysis. The course will help familiarize you with the types of questions found on the GRE quantitative and verbal reasoning sections.

ESL: Preparation for IELTS
  • Price: $240

In this course, students will learn the skills needed to improve their scores on the IELTS test.  Students will learn strategies for the four sections of the test: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Vocabulary Development
  • This Intensive English Program course meet five hours per week for eight weeks (40 hours total)
  • Classes begin in August, October, January, March, and June
  • Price: $535, plus one-time $100 application fee
  • Description: Vocabulary acquisition is essential for students to succeed academically and to score well on standardized tests. The purpose of this course will be to enhance your vocabulary knowledge specifically related to test vocabulary and to develop skills for how to answer vocabulary questions on standardized tests. You will be exposed to 400 words that have been researched and found to be most common on standardized tests. You will learn pre-test strategies for how you can acquire vocabulary and during-test strategies for how you can answer vocabulary test questions by utilizing context clues and inferences.
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