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GTLI and C21U Launch Mobile App

The Georgia Tech Language Institute and Center for 21st Century Universities (C21U) have collaborated with Onlea to design a language-learning app that will launch in the Apple App Store in June 2018. The app is called, “Speak English Professionally” and will provide a mobile-based course that non-native English speakers can take to boost their English speaking skills. This course is based on Georgia Tech’s preexisting Coursera MOOC.

Learn more in a news release from the Georgia Tech Language Institute and C21U.



GTLI Turns 60

In 2018, the Georgia Tech Language Institute is celebrating 60 years of supporting international learners from around the world to meet their goals of communicating more effectively in English. On Wednesday, July 18, Georgia Tech faculty, staff, and students gathered for a community celebration in the courtyard of the O’Keefe Building to mark this milestone. Learn more about the history of the Language Institute, see a timeline of the last 60 years, and read some success stories from our students.