Initial Placement

New students in the Intensive English Program are given a placement test before the start of the session. Based on the results of the placement test, students are placed in one of the seven levels available in the program. During the first week of class students are evaluated again to ensure that they are in the level that will best meet their needs.

Throughout the Session

During the eight-week session, students are given ongoing feedback from instructors through class assignments, class participation, homework, and tests. All instructors have weekly office hours during which students can receive extra help with class materials.


At the end of Week 4, students are given a midterm progress report that will let them know how they are doing in the course. The report will give students information about their academic performance and attendance status. Students that are having difficulty in classes are encouraged to speak to their instructors, meet with one of our staff members, and make use of our free tutoring center. The goal of the midterm report is to help students stay on track for success in their classes. Students can check their midterm grades online in the week after the midpoint of the session*.


During the final week of the session, students are given final exams that will make up a significant part of their final grades. Students will progress to the next level if they receive a final grade of C or higher in their class. Students can check their final grades online in the week after the session ends*. Students are able to request a certificate of level completion and order an official transcript on the Transcripts and Certificates page.


Grading Scale

To understand your grades, view the grading scale the Language Institute uses in evaluating your progress in each course.

Academic Probation

Students whose session grade point average falls below 2.0 will be placed on academic probation for the following session.

Students whose session grade point average falls below 2.0 for two consecutive sessions may not be allowed to continue studying in the Intensive English Program.



Transcripts are available for a $5 charge. Please see the Transcripts and Certificates page for more information.

* Unofficial midterm and final grade reports can be accessed online at by logging in with your GT credentials. Learn how to check your grades in BuzzPort here.